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Tablet With Records — Accountant in Taree, NSW
Our firm, currently known as WLP Accountants, began with Alan Cowan opening an accounting service in 1954. Alan was the son of Hiram Cowan, a local solicitor (Butterworth Cowan Douglas). The Cowan family also operated a dairy farm at Oxley Island.

In 1973 Bruce Walker joined the firm as a partner and in 1975 Roger Lynch, who had worked in the firm since 1963 also became a partner. The firm was then known as Cowan, Walker & Lynch, with offices in Taree and Forster.

In 1998 the firm changed its name to Walker Lynch Petersen, reflecting the then partners of Bruce Walker FCA, Roger Lynch FCA and Mark Petersen FCA.

Stuart Horsburgh joined the firm in 1994, working in our Forster Office and becoming a partner on 1 July 2000, following the retirement of Roger Lynch, who remained as a part time consultant with the firm for several years.
Rhonda Haworth CA joined the firm in June 1999, working in our Forster Office initially and relocating to Taree in 2002. Rhonda became a partner in July 2003 and is a current director of our firm.

Bruce Walker retired from Walker Lynch Petersen in 2005, providing consultancy services for several years after retirement and currently remains as a partner of our audit firm.

Scott Dawes CA was initially employed in our Forster office as a trainee, relocating to Taree in 2005 to take on the role of client manager. On 1 July 2010, Scott was admitted as a Director of the firm and currently serves in this position.

July 2011 saw our merge with Davis Ford Accounting Pty Ltd, increasing both the firm’s client base and expertise as existing employees were integrated into our firm. The combination of expertise from both companies gained by the merger making our firm one of the largest and most experienced in the region.

In 2012 the firm had a name change, to WLP Accountants Pty Ltd, to reflect the new ownership of the firm and to help move the firm forward into the future.

Our audit firm, WLP Auditors, is a partnership between Bruce Walker FCA, Rhonda Haworth CA, and Scott Dawes CA, providing audit services to business, government and community organisations.

The current directors of WLP Accountants Pty Ltd are Rhonda Haworth CA and Scott Dawes CA. Being passionate about the accounting industry, they each expect to continue serving individuals and business clients, both locally and nationally until their retirement.